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Green Oaks Primary Academy


Learning Log homework

Please look inside the cover of the learning log homework book for details of how to support your child with their homework.

The learning log homework will be given out each week (usually on a Friday) and asked to be completed usually by Wednesday of the following week. The following system will be in place across the school but will be adjusted according to the age of the children, ensuring that it is appropriate for them. The learning log homework can take many forms it may be to construct a model, it might be a research around a topic or theme, it might be a piece of writing or it may be a problem solving tasks to name but a few.

The learning log homework will vary in style and content from week to week.

 On a FRIDAY the children will have an opportunity to have a look at everyone’s learning log book and make a comment about it. Between the children and the adults in the class it will be decided which learning log book demonstrated the best ‘presentation’ and also the best ‘effort.’ The children who have been chosen will receive appropriate acknowledgement and reward determined by the class teacher.  The learning log homework will be acknowledged by the adults in the class by their initials and the children who are chosen for best ‘presentation’ and ‘effort’ will receive a detailed comment in order that parents at home can see if their child was chosen.

In addition to the learning log homework, children are expected to read 5 x a week, will be set spellings to learn and there will also be further emphasis to learn times tables that are relevant to the year group expectations.

An example of an excellent Learning Log can be seen here.